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5 Mantras for Spring

Posted: by Sinade Monday, 21 March 2022 @ 11:39

Spring is a time of new beginnings and exciting changes, with the arrival of longer days, warmer weather, blossom on trees, and blooming flowers - it is the perfect time to notice and appreciate all the good and positive things in our lives.

So slow down and notice the beauty all around us – whether that be in nature, in people, or in our surroundings, and let these mantras inspire you this season.


May luck and laughter light your days, and love and hope be with you always

Luck and laughter quote affirmation

This mantra invites luck, love and hope into someone's life. A mantra of positivity, to wish a friend or loved one happiness in the future.


Go outside. Breathe. Let nature restore you.

Trees for Cities affirmation quote

An encouragement to spend more time outside, benefitting from the restorative power of nature, not that the weather is improving. It reminds us that we often just need to slow down, take some deep breaths, and appreciate the beauty around us.


Today I will see all the beauty in my life

I see beauty all around me quote affirmation

We can all benefit from a more appreciative and grateful mindset, valuing the good things we have, rather than focusing on the bad. Through the day, bring this mantra to mind and notice things that would normally pass you by. Maybe you see a colour you love, someone smiling, or a stunning sky?


Fill the world with sunshine every day

Sunshine quote affirmation

Do you want to approach the world with a positive outlook? This mantra is a sunny reminder to smile and spread joy. Try dressing brightly on a dull day, or taking your rainbow umbrella out in the April showers - you never know whose day you'll brighten.


Do more of what makes you happy

Happiness quote affirmation

Following a few years of pandemic life, a lot of us have felt like we've missed out or put our lives on hold. Use this uplifting mantra to inspire you to find a good work-life balance and prioritise those things that bring you happiness - meet with friends more often, go for that lunchtime walk, book that holiday!


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Mantras for Spring


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