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Latest Blog Posts - Direction And Dreams

 At Mantra, it's not just about beautiful jewellery but also joy, inspiration and celebration of life!

Read through our inspirational blogs as we share stories and ideas that we hope bring these feelings to life.

Dip in, and be inspired…

The close of one year gives us a chance to look back on what has happened in our lives over that year, to remember and revel in the good times; and to reflect on the more challenging times with a sense of perspective.
POSTED ON 21.12.18
Graduation day round the corner and not sure where to begin? Here are some tips for the big day. And hey! We have got your Graduation gifts and Teacher’s gifts sorted for you!
POSTED ON 12.07.17
The mantra, 'Dare to dream', is a call-to-action to all of us, to think bigger, or wider, or deeper. A reminder to do more than simply exist in our lives. A plea not to settle for what we are doing now, if it isn't what we want. A cry from the heart, to use our imaginations, our spirits and our souls, to lift us out of the daily routine, to see a vision of how we would like our lives to be.
POSTED ON 23.06.17
We caught up with Fern Ross, former Associate Editor at ELLE about following your dreams:1. How did you get into yoga?I first tried yoga 10 years ago, when I moved to London. I was working nights as a journalist and had a lot of free time by myself during the day. One morning, I went to my local gym in Highbury and Islington, gave the Hatha yoga class a go, and from then on I was hooked, going 2-3 times a week. I just loved how free I felt during the practice, and how calm and relaxed I felt aft...
POSTED ON 30.05.17
This month, we are talking about dreams. Specifically, identifying what you would be doing, and how your life would look, if you were being true to your dreams, and living the life you imagined you would have. Sometimes, this just doesn't seem possible. We all have commitments and responsibilities in life, and it is hard to square these up with living in the way that we imagine, when we dream of possible futures for ourselves.
POSTED ON 22.05.17
Often when we think of success or fulfilling dreams we think we’re past it. This month we’re ignoring those negative thoughts and rekindling our childhood outlook! Here are 10 examples of people who didn’t fulfil their dreams until a later age – but did it in a big way!
POSTED ON 18.05.17
It's dream month at mantra. In #mybestself this month we're revisiting our childhood to embrace our younger optimism. Here are our top tips on finding your dreams and achieving them! What's your dream?
POSTED ON 18.05.17
Take our mantra quiz to find the perfect mantra for you at this time in your life. Come back and try next month, next week or tomorrow to see how your mind-set has changed...
POSTED ON 10.02.17
Michelle, or FLOTUS (which I discovered today stands for First Lady of the United States!) has been in the spotlight since Barack took to the White House over 7 years ago.  She entered our lives as the First Lady, but has carved her own path like no other, one of integrity, courage, authenticity and determination. We felt such an inspirational lady needed her own set of mantras, so here are ours inspired by FLOTUS…Hard work brings sweet rewards      &nbs...
POSTED ON 20.10.16
A piece of mantra jewellery is the perfect gift for your friend or daughter embarking on their travels. Give them a talisman of love and protection, when they get back their mantra will forever remind them of their trip and your support!
POSTED ON 16.08.16
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