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The Story behind the Mantra – ‘In the waves of change, I find my new direction’

Posted: Friday, 26 August 2022 @ 12:18

As the roadmap out of lockdown was announced, and the vaccination programme was getting rapidly underway, we started to work on a new collection for early Summer.

One of the mantras we very much wanted to create was around change – accepting it; embracing it; even seeing it as a positive opportunity for a new start.

We already have a couple of mantras about change in our collection – our Butterfly Necklace, for example, brings to life the mantra, ‘Without change, there would be no butterflies’, and our Lotus Flower represents ‘I trust in new beginnings’.

Butterfly Necklace New Beginnings Lotus Necklace

But we felt that disruptive change has been such a feature of this past year of the pandemic, that it was right to take another look at change, and the wording of our mantras.

So many people have gone through enforced change over the year, with their career or business completely up-ended by the economic fall-out from Covid; or their health compromised, or family members lost. For many, disruption has come again and again, from the first to the third lockdown.

For this reason, we wanted to talk about ‘waves of change’, to convey the unsettling and on-going nature of the changes that have occurred.

But we also wanted to highlight that change can lead to new paths, new opportunities and new directions. Some people will even find brighter opportunities or more exciting paths that come from enforced change. Others may struggle initially, but we hope will find peace of mind and contentment over time.

So, we wanted to write a mantra that recognises the disruption of change, but which also acts as an affirmation to stay positive and keep going. It might not happen immediately, but we want you to feel confident that you will find a positive new path as a result of the disruption.

After writing various iterations, we settled on the mantra,

‘In the waves of change, I find my new direction’
Waves of Change Necklace Inspiration

There are similar phrases out there – about ‘winds of change’, for example - but we see change as waves that keep on coming. For this reason, we wanted our necklace design to be a wave in motion – to capture the inexorable power of change, and its continuous nature.

By making it a cut-out symbol, like our Mountain design, we can keep it to a £25 price-point, making it accessible to many more people.

Choose the ‘Waves of Change’ mantra if you want to support and encourage a friend going through a challenging time; boost your own self-belief in a brighter future; or reassure yourself that a new path will identify itself over time.  



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