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 At Mantra, it's not just about beautiful jewellery but also joy, inspiration and celebration of life!

Read through our inspirational blogs as we share stories and ideas that we hope bring these feelings to life.

Dip in, and be inspired…

This year, in our quest to step up and be our best selves, we wanted to learn from truly remarkable women, to use them as role models to inspire us. We are absolutely thrilled to talk to Maxine Benson MBE from everywoman for our series of talks with truly inspiring women.
POSTED ON 17.04.18
Q&A with Emma Heathcote-James – Little Soap Company. Emma is the Founder of Little Soap Company, creators of pure organic cruelty-free soap, available in supermarkets from Waitrose to Tesco. Hers is a remarkable story from kitchen table to national supermarkets, with a product range that we love here at Mantra.
POSTED ON 27.03.18
At the recent ‘Best You’ Expo in London, which we took Mantra to, we met a truly inspirational family – Sabrina Ben Salmi and her five children. I was so impressed by this family that I asked Sabrina, and her daughter Yasmine, to feature this month in our series of remarkable women, talking about their role models. With Mother’s Day coming up, hearing from mum and daughter seemed very appropriate.
POSTED ON 27.02.18
We are so excited to hear from Julie Montagu, a woman who inspires us on a daily basis. Julie is a yoga instructor, healthy food writer and published author, described as ‘one of the top 10 holistic healers in the world’ by Cosmopolitan; but that doesn’t even tell half her story. we are very excited to hear from Julie about what motivates her.
POSTED ON 03.01.18
Jo Stroud talks about the 5 women who truly inspire her - Amy Johnson, Diana Nyad, Louise Hay, JK Rowling, Beryl and Matthews (my mum).
POSTED ON 28.12.17
Lottie Murphy is a healthy lifestyle blogger, pilates instructor and holistic health coach from London. We caught up with her for a Q&A about staying calm.
POSTED ON 01.11.17
Earlier this month, we caught up with Tallulah Lawson-Cresswell, Fundraising Officer for Bullying UK, part of Family Lives. We are collaborating with Bullying UK on a new kindness necklace, launching in November.
POSTED ON 06.10.17
Q&A with Lauren Mahon, author of the GirlStoleLondon blog, about being courageous. Lauren was in her 30’s when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and writes about it to educate and inspire others.
POSTED ON 27.09.17
We caught up with Emma Farron, Illustrator of 'Art of Mindfulness' about being present: 1.What inspires you to be #mybestself?People I admire inspire me. Whether it is my illustrator circle of friends, multi-tasking parents I've met, someone I read about, my family. I would say that each influence a different facet of #mybestself.2.What does being present mean to you?My two year old reminds me daily about the goodness of being present. On the way to the playground, he brings my attention to...
POSTED ON 29.08.17
We caught up with Fern Ross, former Associate Editor at ELLE about following your dreams:1. How did you get into yoga?I first tried yoga 10 years ago, when I moved to London. I was working nights as a journalist and had a lot of free time by myself during the day. One morning, I went to my local gym in Highbury and Islington, gave the Hatha yoga class a go, and from then on I was hooked, going 2-3 times a week. I just loved how free I felt during the practice, and how calm and relaxed I felt aft...
POSTED ON 30.05.17
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