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Graduation day round the corner and not sure where to begin? Here are some tips for the big day. And hey! We have got your Graduation gifts and Teacher’s gifts sorted for you!
POSTED ON 12.07.17
Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited to the first Fashion Club event organised by Smart Works, the amazing charity we support at Mantra. Smart Works provides support to disadvantaged women trying to get back to work, through practical clothing and styling support, and confidence-building coaching. We support Smart Works with our 'Believe' disc necklace, with 25% going directly to the charity.
POSTED ON 26.04.17
What makes you feel empowered?Empowerment for me comes from feeling comfortable within my mindset, my actions and my body. When i feel strong is when i feel most empowered. There is something to be said for being independent, I love how my body responds to anything I ask of it, how I can carry my shopping without needing to ask for help, how I can surprise those around me by deadlifting 110kg. I like being able to do things others might not expect to be possible.What inspires you to be...
POSTED ON 26.04.17
Michelle, or FLOTUS (which I discovered today stands for First Lady of the United States!) has been in the spotlight since Barack took to the White House over 7 years ago.  She entered our lives as the First Lady, but has carved her own path like no other, one of integrity, courage, authenticity and determination. We felt such an inspirational lady needed her own set of mantras, so here are ours inspired by FLOTUS…Hard work brings sweet rewards      &nbs...
POSTED ON 20.10.16
I couldn’t sleep the night before I was due to go and pick up my exams, which now seems crazy. The fact is, firstly you can’t change what’s going to be on that piece of paper by worrying, and secondly, life is about so much more than letters on a page!
POSTED ON 16.08.16
As we enter into the Olympic games, Jo (who completed a marathon this year) shares the Olympic mind-sets that you can integrate into everyday life, winning!
POSTED ON 03.08.16
We'll be shouting loud for our amazing Olympians, their hard work and dedication often goes unnoticed until the games arrives... so these ones are for you team GB!
POSTED ON 02.08.16
Exam results are one small part of how we will move forwards as we leave school. Our attitude, resilience, work ethic, ability to build relationships, and our personal values, will have far more impact on how our lives pan out, and how we create our own happiness and success, than the scores we achieve in our exams, make sure they know that!
POSTED ON 25.07.16
The eleven stages of graduating. 1. You hand in all your work, you're finished! 2. You get your grades 3. You graduate 4. You leave your besties 5. You're back living with the folks....
POSTED ON 15.07.16
It's so easy to go with the excuse, but here are our 26 motivational mantras to get you off the sofa and in the gym! 1. I'm going to make you so proud - not to self. 2. Be the best version of you. 3. It hurts now, but one day it will be your warm up...
POSTED ON 12.07.16
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