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Mantra Q&A Carly Rowena on Empowerment

Posted: by Rhian Wednesday, 26 April 2017 @ 11:43

What makes you feel empowered?

Empowerment for me comes from feeling comfortable within my mindset, my actions and my body. When i feel strong is when i feel most empowered. There is something to be said for being independent, I love how my body responds to anything I ask of it, how I can carry my shopping without needing to ask for help, how I can surprise those around me by deadlifting 110kg. I like being able to do things others might not expect to be possible.

What inspires you to be #mybestself?

#MyBestSelf to me means feeling comfortable within my skin and mind. My best self is when I have time to listen and care for the ones around me, when I have bare feet and am running into the ocean without a care in the world. MyBestSelf is all about listening to what my heart wants and my mind understands.

Where did your interest in fitness/wellness come from?

I’ve always been active, even as a child. I never cared for TV, I was always busy making mazes out of cut grass or climbing trees. My parents were active and we were always moving our bodies so I think it only felt natural to carry that into my life as I grew older. However saying that, I never thought I’d become a personal trainer, it was my followers who made me realise that my talents and passion were in the fitness industry and that’s how i became a PT.

How does your fitness regime help you to feel empowered and confident from day to day?

It boosts my endorphins and leaves me feeling refreshed and re-energised, I’m always more awake and alert after a workout, it stops me from feeling fidgety, I also think the fact that It’s made me confident in my own skin. I wear less and less makeup, style my hair less because i feel more beautiful when natural and I think that comes from working out.

What’s the main thing that makes you feel empowered?

My job makes me feel empowered, I never knew what I was meant to be and remember how unhappy I felt when I thought I'd never find it. Now I have two jobs that I absolutely adore. I wake up with purpose and go to bed excited for the next day.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a young woman who is struggling to feel confident with her own personal body?

Take a step back and have a serious look at yourself. You are never going to be younger than you are now. We are conditioned to think we have to dislike ourselves when actually there is always something beautiful about the person you are. Accept things you cannot change, fall in love with the things you like and make steps to improve the things that are in your control.

What is most important to you when it comes to your physical and mental well-being and why?

I can get easily overwhelmed which can lead to binging, not sleeping and self-doubt, I have to remember to give myself down time, to unfollow others when I feel myself doubting my own abilities and I have to give myself at least 40 minutes a day of alone time to regroup and find my happiness.

What’s one goal you’re working on this year to make you feel empowered and confident?

I'm working on de-stressing by scheduling 20 minutes of meditation, yoga or stretching every day, it’s seriously improved my mindset and mood. Confidence wise it’s all about my retreats, it’s something I’ve wanted to do forever but never had the guts, this year I’m finally doing it!

Who is your empowerment idol?

I have so many but in all honesty, it’s my followers. If they can take the time to email me and show me their transformations, struggles and triumphs then I can do my best to help in any way that I can!

Do you use mantras and how?

I love the quote ‘It’s ok if the only thing you did today was breathe.’

Which mantra inspire you?

Life’s a beach, enjoy the waves.

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