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The Story behind the Mantra: The Dragonfly

Posted: by Jo Thursday, 7 June 2018 @ 11:09

‘Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly’ - luck and success

Dragonfly NecklaceOur latest Mantra necklace in our Luck and Success collection is the Dragonfly – a graceful, elegant creature that everyone loves.

We wanted a mantra to reassure and build confidence; to remind people of the strengths and abilities that they sometimes forget they have; and to help remove their self-doubt.

The phrase, ‘Your wings already exist’, reminds someone of the skills they already have, while ‘all you have to do is fly’ is a gentle encouragement for them to have the confidence to put those skills into action.

To represent this mantra, we chose a Dragonfly, and designed a delicate pendant to hang on our chain.

We picked a Dragonfly – above any other of the many winged creatures out there – because dragonflies are truly amazing insects, when you find out more about them. Enormously agile, they can move in six directions; they can hover; fly backwards; and speed along at 45 mph. They have 20 times more power in their wing strokes than most other insects, only needing to flap their wings a fraction of the times needed by a fly or mosquito.

So, as a symbol of the awesome powers and abilities you have inside you, if you only have the confidence to use them – the Dragonfly is perfect!

Choose this Mantra as a gift for a friend or loved one who needs a self-confidence boost, or to inspire their dreams and encourage them to soar. Or wear it yourself, to give you strength when you doubt yourself; and to spur you on to greater successes in life.

Take a look at the Dragonfly right here. £30, in Sterling Silver.


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