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 At Mantra, it's not just about beautiful jewellery but also joy, inspiration and celebration of life!

Read through our inspirational blogs as we share stories and ideas that we hope bring these feelings to life.

Dip in, and be inspired…

Whether you’re jetting off for two weeks in the sun or taking a year off to explore the world, travel can be a truly meaningful, inspiring experience. Here are our favourite travel mantras to help you get the most out of your summer adventures, and bring the inspiration you found back home with you.
POSTED ON 25.06.19
For a yoga lover, mindful jewellery makes a wonderful gift, as it enables you to carry your intentions off the mat and into your daily life. Mantra Jewellery was created to being together the power of words with the beauty of jewellery.
POSTED ON 06.11.18
If you are looking for a unique and meaningful Christmas gift idea for your best friend, then Mantra Jewellery is perfect for you. Mantra is Sterling Silver jewellery, designed to inspire and uplift the wearer. Each piece symbolises a positive and motivational mantra, with perfect messages to show your best friend how much she means to you. You can celebrate all the good times you have shared.
POSTED ON 20.11.17
This Christmas, why not choose a Christmas gift that raises money for charity? It's an easy way to give something back, whilst also buying a lovely gift for someone you love. Mantra Jewellery, the meaningful jewellery brand designed to inspire and uplift the wearer, has three charity necklaces which each benefit a really good cause, and make unique Christmas presents. And with 25% of the purchase price going to the charity, it is a very generous donation. Christmas is all about giving, and this enables you to give a lovely gift, whilst also giving your support to a very worthy cause.
POSTED ON 17.11.17
If you are looking for a thoughtful, personal and lasting Christmas gift idea for your daughter, then you will love Mantra Jewellery. Mantra is Sterling Silver jewellery, designed to inspire and uplift the wearer. Each piece symbolises a positive and motivational mantra, with perfect messages to inspire your daughter.
POSTED ON 17.11.17
Do you have a teenage daughter who simply doesn’t want to communicate with you? The last thing she wants to listen to is life advice from her mum, even when you have plenty of experience and wisdom that could help her? Why not appeal to her fashionable side, and choose her a piece of on-trend jewellery, that also happens to dispense life advice? Here are 11 mantras to inspire her, when she won’t hear it from you:
POSTED ON 03.08.17
This month we’re talking about appreciation, it’s something that our team agreed can slip from our minds in a busy week, focusing on stressful situations or little niggles rather than looking at the bigger picture and realising just how lucky we all are. What makes us feel lucky in life tends to be the amazing people we’re surrounded by, all of us instantly recounted loved ones when asked what we’re grateful for. So here are our mantras for the ones we are truly grateful for, with ways to show our appreciation…
POSTED ON 23.02.17
When you want to show a friend you are thinking of her, at a tough time in her life, a lovely bouquet of flowers, a box of handmade chocolates or a home-baked cake used to be the go-to gifts for all of us.
POSTED ON 23.06.16
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