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5 Mantra Gifts for a Taurus

Posted: by Sinade Monday, 15 April 2024 @ 09:55

When is Taurus Season?

Those born between 20th April - 20th May are classed as a Taurus. It is an Earth sign, symbolised by the strong bull.

What are the characteristics of a Taurean?

Appearances can be deceptive as they are known to be deeply passionate under their strong exterior. Although they may enjoy the finer things in life, those born under Taurus always remain extremely down-to-earth.

What can I Buy a Taurus as a Gift?

Here are five mantras for anyone born under the Taurus sign, use these mantras to celebrate their strengths and encourage them to be their best selves...


May my body be strong, my heart wild and my spirit free

Strong, wild, free
Due to their strong exterior people often assume a those born under taurus are pragmatic rather than emotional. This mantra is a reminder to them to embrace their strength but to also express their feelings and let their wild side out.


Without change, there would be no butterflies

butterfly Necklace

They can be wary of sudden changes of plans or directions. This mantra is a great reminder when the unknown interrupts your plans, as something beautiful can come from change.


I do more than live life, I celebrate it!

starburst necklace

Celebrate their passion and exuberance with this uplifting mantra. Let them know you see positive energy they bring to your world.


I am grounded, centred, connected

Root chakra Necklace

A reminder of the strengths of being reliable and down-to-earth bring to a friendship. Show your appreciation for the advice and understanding they have given you.


I am enough

i am enough necklace

With a natural tendency to be deeply empathetic and understanding, they may not always show themselves the same compassion. This is a reminder for them to treat themselves with the same love.

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