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Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for your Best Friend

Posted: by Jo Monday, 18 October 2021 @ 05:37

We believe there is something special about jewellery as a Christmas gift between friends. It is both personal and precious, and it will stand the test of time. It enables you to show her how important her friendship is to you, in a personal and meaningful way. 

When you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your best friend, then a piece of Mantra Jewellery could be exactly right. Each of our pieces of jewellery is designed to uplift, inspire and remind; and each piece comes on a meaning card, where you can write your own personal message as to why you chose that particular Mantra. 

Silver Sunflower Necklace

Your friendship has gone through a lot this year, in such challenging and testing times. Perhaps Zoom calls with each other have kept you sane, but you will have both missed the face-to-face contact that you normally take for granted. Show your friend how much your friendship means to you, and how much she has been on your mind, with our Crossed Arrows Friendship Disc.

Gold Friendship Necklace

Your friend will have been going through many of her own battles this year, which you perhaps couldn’t help with. Why not choose a mantra which celebrates her strength and resilience through it all? This has been another difficult year for all of us, and she will appreciate you recognising her strength.

Silver Mountain Necklace

It has also been another year where many people have gone out of their way to help others. Pay tribute to her selflessness and care, with one of our caring mantras.

Silver Ahimsa Necklace

Perhaps your friend has not had much time for herself? A necklace from our wellbeing collection might be appropriate, to encourage her to prioritise her own wellbeing in the New Year, or to make more time for self-care. 

I am Enough necklace

Things may have been very hard for her on the career or business front, with many businesses and business owners still having to make incredibly difficult decisions, with the ending of furlough and changing consumer behaviour. It’s good to be resilient – but perhaps now is also the time to start investing in her dreams again, or trying something new? Perhaps a mantra to build her self-confidence, or to encourage her to pursue her long-held dreams, might be the right message?

Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Necklace

You could also have something personalised for her, with her name, dates or a short phrase. Or even choose one of our larger myMantra necklaces, which we will specially engrave with a personal mantra just for her. Is there a phrase in your shared history – perhaps song lyrics or a saying you both love - that would make an inspiring mantra for her?

Whatever Christmas gift you choose for your best friend, you can be sure that she will love it. Words work to inspire and uplift, and you can add your own personal message to make it even more perfect. View all our suggestions for Christmas gifts for your friend.


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