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Inspiring Christmas Gifts for your Daughter

Posted: by Sinade Friday, 13 October 2023 @ 14:41

We believe there is something very special about a piece of jewellery as a Christmas gift. It is personal and precious, in a way that many other gifts aren’t – and it enables you to convey a message in a beautiful and powerful way. When you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your daughter, then a piece of Mantra Jewellery could be exactly the right thing.

Our jewellery is designed to uplift and inspire, changing the way your daughter feels when she wears it. And each piece comes on a meaning card, with space for your own personal message, explaining why you chose that particular Mantra. 

Moon and Star Earrings


Has your daughter been incredibly strong this year? Choose a mantra which celebrates her strength and resilience

Phoenix Necklace


Or perhaps a necklace from our wellbeing collection, to remind your daughter to prioritise her own wellbeing? Or a message of mindfulness, to remind her to live in the moment?

Be Here Now - Mindfulness Necklace


The past few years have shown us that the loving bonds of family and the support of friends are more important than ever, to give us something to hold onto – so take a look at our messages of love, family and friendship just here. 

Family Tree Necklace


Perhaps you want to encourage your daughter to keep going after her dreams, after yet another difficult year. Remind her that things will get better, next year will be the time to move forwards with her hopes and ambitions. View our Christmas gifts of Direction and Dreams here

Compass Necklace 


You could also have something personalised for her, with her name, dates or a short phrase. Or even choose one of our larger myMantra necklaces, which we will specially engrave with a personal mantra just for her. Are there some song lyrics, lines from a poem, or a quote from someone she admires, that would make an inspiring mantra for her?

myMantra Necklaces

Whatever you choose for your daughter, you can be sure that it will be received with love and appreciation, as a lasting and meaningful gift.


View all our suggestions here for Christmas gifts for your daughter.

Gifts for your Daughter

Christmas Gifts for your Daughter

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