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Latest Blog Posts - Protection And Faith


As followers of Mantra will know, we start our design process with the mantra itself, before we create the jewellery.
POSTED ON 22.03.17
A piece of mantra jewellery is the perfect gift for your friend or daughter embarking on their travels. Give them a talisman of love and protection, when they get back their mantra will forever remind them of their trip and your support!
POSTED ON 16.08.16
When I was very young, I loved flying. In fact, I wanted to become a pilot – inspired by tales of Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart – and I would get hugely excited just getting to the airport to see the planes. But a couple of turbulent flights when I was in my 20’s knocked my confidence, and left me scared rather than excited. So here are 9 tips that I have used over the years that absolutely work for me. I use all 9 on most flights, to the extent that I have now pretty well forgotten that I don’t like flying.
POSTED ON 03.08.16
We'll be shouting loud for our amazing Olympians, their hard work and dedication often goes unnoticed until the games arrives... so these ones are for you team GB!
POSTED ON 02.08.16
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