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The story behind the mantra: The Anchor

Posted: by Jo Wednesday, 22 March 2017 @ 11:58

As followers of Mantra will know, we start our design process with the mantra itself, before we create the jewellery.

Within our 'Protection and Faith' collection, we wanted a mantra that gave the wearer something to really hold onto - a solid, unwavering feeling of trust, certainty, and surety.

We felt that the mantra, 'My anchor holds, despite the storms' really conveyed this. In stormy seas and rough weather, it is the anchor that keeps the ship steady and the crew safe.

We all face storms in life - when difficulties, problems and challenges threaten to overwhelm us. And it is in these times that we need reminding that we have loved ones, a partner, parents, friends, or our own strength of mind, to keep us safe.

It was therefore completely natural that we designed the jewellery piece itself to be an anchor, as this is such a strong representation of strength and safety.

We also had a second mantra, 'I feel calm, safe and grounded', which suited the anchor pendant, and fitted into our 'Wellbeing' collection, particularly as a focus for mindfulness and meditation.

As an anchor is an embodiment of mindfulness practice, we loved the idea that you can choose which of the two mantras speaks to you, or which you think best represents the person you're buying the piece for.

I checked with the Mantra team, to see who responded to which mantra, and why. Anna, Rhian and myself chose 'My anchor holds, despite the storms', seeking reassurance in life; while Becky and Sinade favoured 'I feel calm, safe and grounded', as they are naturally calm and happy people. Which mantra would your friends choose?


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