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Mindful Mantras for Christmas

Posted: by Sinade Friday, 13 October 2023 @ 14:40

All the busy-ness can take its toll on us, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Sometimes, all we need is a few mindful minutes during the day, taking time to be still, present and mindful - especially in this year of all years.

Here are my favourite mantras for a mindful Christmas:

calming mantra

I breathe in calmness, I breathe out stress

A mindful mantra to help you when you're feeling stressed by a long to-do list or lots of demands on your time. Take a few moments to breathe deeply, and repeat this mantra - you'll be amazed at the difference it makes to your mindset. Just slowing down to breathe and say the mantra, will help. 


calming mantra

I feel calm, safe and grounded

If, like many of us, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed during the Christmas season, try quietly repeating this to yourself, whilst picturing a peaceful scene, perhaps a calm body of water or a quiet woodland glade.


love mantra

I feel loved and connected

Christmas is a time for family, but sometimes we are so busy we forget to prioritise time with the people we love the most. This mantra reminds us of the loving connections that surround us, and urges us to appreciate our friends, family and those dearest to us. 


I am grateful

I am grateful for all that I have

If you can, try to remember what you are grateful for at the end of each day, and close each day with a smile. Focusing on the positives when we feel tired and stressed can sometimes be enough to change our outlook, helping us feel calmer and more grounded. 


To prompt you to repeat your mantra, wear a Mantra necklace and hold onto it for a few moments each day. Repeat the mantra to yourself, to bring you moments of peace and tranquillity. Take a look at our Mindful Christmas Gifts, and 'Mini Mantra' our mindful jewellery for children, to inspire a loved one. 

For more hints and tips on having a mindful Christmas, take a look at our blog:

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