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Mini Mantra Children's Jewellery

Our mindful Mini Mantra designs are especially chosen to appeal to younger children, and are hung on shorter, adjustable 14 to 16 inch (35 to 40 cm) chains.

They are presented on a card with the positive mantra, or affirmation, at the top, intended to be the most important phrase for the child to remember. This is reinforced and supported by the additional encouraging phrases on the card.

Our Mini Mantra necklaces make a brilliant 'well done' gift, to reward her for achieving something special; a meaningful birthday gift; or a gift for First Communion or Confirmation.

Our mindful children's jewellery collection is also incredibly powerful when a child is worried or anxious about something, or things are changing in her life. We suggest that she repeats the positive mantra at moments of worry or stress, to help her keep a positive mindset and a calm outlook.

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