Gratitude Necklace | Sterling Silver, Gold & Rose Gold

Appreciation and Kindness Mantra: I am grateful for all that I have

rose gold gratitude necklace
rose gold gratitude necklace
silver I am grateful necklace
i am enough necklace on model
sterling silver gratitude necklace
I am grateful necklace gold
letterbox friendly packaging
✔ In stock
✔ In stock
✔ In stock
  • 925 Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold-plated Silver
  • Free UK Delivery
  • 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain
  • Engravable/Personalisable

Our new disc necklace features a simple statement which has huge power: ‘I am grateful for all that I have’ reminds us to notice and appreciate everything we have in our lives, showing gratitude for it instead of taking it for granted. It reminds us that we are often more fortunate than many others, and teaches us to count our blessings not our problems. 

Perfect reminder to yourself to focus on the positives | a way of showing appreciation for the good things in your life | a Christmas gift which encourages appreciation

We all have days when we feel sorry for ourselves, or notice what we are lacking or missing. A simple shift in mindset to focus instead on what we have – which might be our health, a roof over our head, people who love us, a safe country to live in, a job we enjoy – is enough to change our mood and our outlook.

Many people now follow some form of gratitude practice, such as a a gratitude journal, ‘Three good things that happened today’ before bed, or a gratitude jar. However we choose to remind ourselves of all the good in our lives, there is no doubt that a gratitude practice works to make us feel happier, calmer, more compassionate, less needy, and more appreciative. 

Hold onto your necklace and say to yourself, whenever you find yourself thinking about what you are missing, or what you lack - ‘I am grateful for all that I have’.

The Coronavirus crisis has made many of us re-think the priorities in our lives, and a deep appreciation of what is really important in life – love, family, health, friendship, security – has been a real positive coming out of the crisis.

The disc is made from 925 Sterling Silver, and also comes plated in either 18 carat Gold or Rose Gold. 

This is one of our personalised necklaces. Your message can be engraved on the reverse of the pendant.



Chain Length: 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold plating

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Letterbox friendly packaging - fits into your letterbox 

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