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What is a mantra?

Posted: by Jo Friday, 4 August 2017 @ 14:04

A mantra is a powerful phrase, designed to make a positive impact on the way that you feel.

It can be a phrase created by you; a quote you have read or heard; a piece of advice someone has given you; or simply a word that has meaning and impact for you.

It is always phrased in a positive way, intended to encourage and point you towards being your best self – not to punish or criticise you for being your worst self. It can be a phrase that represents your ideals and values; or a short sentence to express purpose or belief; or an instruction or reminder to yourself.

A great example would be the Scouts’ motto, ‘Be prepared’ – which is a mantra that many people brought up as a scout would live their lives by.

A mantra can bring motivation, strengthen resolve, give focus. Most powerfully, a mantra brings self-belief.

I genuinely believe that a memorable phrase - brought to mind on a busy or stressful day, or during tough times – is enough to re-focus our thoughts, change our mood, and even change our behaviour, in that moment.

Sanskrit mantras

For some, a mantra is more spiritual. A phrase, often in the original Sanskrit, to meditate with or to use as a chant, to clear the mind of distracting thoughts, or to hold an intention. Sometimes, given to you by a guru or meditation teacher, as something unique to you.

While these are also mantras, of course - for me, the word ‘mantra’ has a wider and more contemporary meaning, and a much wider application in life - as any phrase which makes a positive impact on how you feel. 


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