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Create a mantra for happiness

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 20 March 2018 @ 18:09

Think of three occasions in your life when you have been really happy – one from childhood, one from adulthood, and one recent one.

Look back at each occasion, to see if you can pick out the common factors that really created that happiness. Write these down, and try to summarise these things into 3 or 4 words, or a short phrase.

For me, when I think of the times that I am truly happy, they revolve around good times with my husband and my parents; family meals and occasions when we always seem to be laughing; and being outside in the sunshine, be that on holiday or in the back garden. 

So, my ‘Mantra for Happiness’ is ‘Love, laughter and sunshine’ – three words to remind me of what makes me truly happy in life, to bring to mind when I need reminding of what is important.

This is not intended to make us feel nostalgic for the past – but to help us quickly and easily bring the feeling of happiness to mind, when we aren’t necessarily feeling it. And to remind us of what is truly important to us.  

What’s your happiness mantra?


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