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How to create a power mantra

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 20 March 2018 @ 18:15

Think of three occasions in your life when you have really achieved something - a time when you felt really proud, or you overcame the odds, or did better than you or anyone else expected. One from childhood, adulthood, and one recent one.

Look back to each occasion, and remember that sense of achievement. Think about what you needed to do, to achieve it. Did you need to believe in yourself? Or keep persisting, without giving up? Or put many hours into practising? Or approach it in a different way?

Come up with a phrase that will remind you of what you had to do. It could be:

‘Believed in myself’, ‘Kept going!’, ‘Felt the fear and did it anyway’, ‘I pushed through fear’. 

Turn this into a present-tense command to yourself, to repeat to yourself, before and during an upcoming challenge. This will remind you how achievement feels, and spur you on as your own cheerleader when the going gets tough.

You could combine it with a ‘power pose’ to really boost your self-confidence: take yourself off somewhere private, and stand in a strong, grounded and confident position as you say your mantra, to really make it resonate with you.


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