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Tips for your Big Graduation Day! We've lined up Teachers' Gifts too...

Posted: by Pallavi Wednesday, 12 July 2017 @ 12:26

Graduation Day Tips, Graduation Gift Ideas and Teacher's Gifts

Graduation day round the corner and not sure where to begin? Here are some tips for the big day.

And hey! We have got Graduation Gifts and Teachers' Gifts sorted for you!

Graduation is a time-honoured ceremony that celebrates all your hard work and achievements and signals a transition into an exciting new phase of life.

It is a joyous occasion, but there is a lot to prepare for! With what to wear, who to invite, what to say, you’ll have a lot on your mind. So we have put together a few tips to help you prepare for your big day.

Eat well before the Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies can take a long time. You need a lot of energy to survive and shine on! So make sure you eat well beforehand so that you don’t have to worry about your tummy rumbling.

Guess who will be more excited than you? You parents, of course!

You will be excited as you are going to be free of the assignments and exams. But for your parents, your graduation ceremony means a lot as they see you become an educated adult. Their pride and joy may lead them to tears of joy and loads of cuddles.  

Try not to be embarrassed by their gestures. Instead, embrace the moment, hug them back tight, be humble and laugh it off if you have to.

Treasure these moments

Everyone loves a pic and there will be a lot of cameras clicking the day. You may feel like a prop this day and have a jaw-ache from striking a pose and waiting for the right camera settings. 

Just take a deep breath and remember this day is the only graduation day in your life, so live it fully.

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The big question – What to wear?

Remember, you will sweat a lot on your graduation day, as the gowns can be made of polyester and can be very heavy!

A smart blouse and skirt or a smart dress for women, and a dark suit or tuxedo for the men, seem to be the most appropriate attire for the day. 

It’s a good idea to wear a shirt with a button to secure your graduation hood. Also, carrying some safety pins and brooches to secure your gown can save your day. 

Prepare for the wind and keep this mind when choosing your outfit.

Wear a comfortable shoe, a sensible heel. You don’t want to be worrying about tripping up on stage! 

You want to be comfortable on the day and focus more on the day rather than the dress or the shoes.

Hats and hair will have their say!

Hats are complicated. They do not sit well on the back of your head, they mess with your hair and they accumulate static friction.

Wear it and try one on beforehand, and style your hair if you have to. Use more hairspray than normal to keep it in place.

Congratulations! You are officially a responsible adult now!

Although graduation day can be a long and exhausting one, you are no longer a student, you are an adult now and you must behave well on the day.

  • Make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand
  • Switch your phone off for the duration of the graduation ceremony
  • You peers will support you, so you should support and applaud them
  • No matter how many times you hear lengthy speeches about your future, do not giggle or cry! Stay until the ceremony is over

Teachers' Gifts

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‘Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream of doing extraordinary things’.

No matter how hard you must have worked to graduate today, it would be impossible without a teacher.

Show them that they have made a difference and you care.

Gift them something that will bring a smile on their face.

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Most important of all, remember to enjoy your big day and have a wonderful time!


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