Sunflower Earrings | Sterling Silver

Appreciation and Kindness Mantra: Life is better with you in it

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  • 925 Sterling Silver

Our lovely Sunflower Earrings represents the mantra, ‘Life is better with you in it’.

It is intended as a message of love and deep appreciation for someone who makes your life better, who brings a smile to your face, and joy to your heart. It could be a mantra of friendship, family or romantic love; or even appreciation for a colleague who makes day-to-day life more enjoyable.

Perfect gift of love and appreciation for someone who brings joy to your life | a loving gift for a friend or family member

We have brought this warm and positive mantra of appreciation to life with a Sunflower, as it is one of those flowers that cannot help but make you smile!

Because Sunflowers look like the sun, and are heliotropic, meaning they turn to follow the sun when young, they are always thought of as a happy flower, associated with sunshine. In mythology, they symbolise love, from the myth of the nymph Clytie's adoration of Apollo, the God of the Sun; and longevity, from Chinese tradition.

Choose a flower for someone that will last a lifetime. Crafted in Sterling Silver, these beautiful earrings makes a lasting gift, and will long outlast a bouquet of flowers or other gift of appreciation. And your message of appreciation will be remembered every day, as the wearer touches their earrings from time to time through the day.

Choose the Sunflower ‘Life is better with you in it’ mantra as a gift of thanks and appreciation for a friend who makes you smile, or a loved one who means the world to you.

We created Mantra Jewellery to give you a way of conveying or wearing an inspiring and uplifting message. Touch your earrings through the day and bring its mantra to mind.



Available in: 925 Sterling Silver


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