Ahimsa Hand and Heart Necklace | Sterling Silver

Appreciation and Kindness Mantra: You give a hand to hold, a heart to care

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  • 25 Sterling Silver
  • 18-20" / 45-50cms Chain

Our lovely Hand and Heart Necklace represents the mantra, ‘You give a hand to hold, a heart to care’.

It is intended as a message of deep appreciation for someone who has been there for you, or for a loved one, through life’s challenges. Someone who cares deeply, and gives support, encouragement and help when you need it most.

It might be your mum, or a family member; it could be a good friend; or it could easily be a good Samaritan or professional carer, who has crossed your path in an important and meaningful way at a time of need.

Perfect gift of appreciation for someone who has helped you, or cared for a loved one | a loving gift for a caring friend | a reminder of your own loving nature

We have brought this powerful mantra of appreciation to life with a design inspired by the Ahimsa symbol – usually, a hand with a spiral. Ahimsa means 'do no harm’, and is a philosophy of non-violence, compassion and love. It is embraced by Buddhist, Hindu and Jainist traditions, as well as being adopted as a contemporary symbol for an ethical way of life.

We have added a heart design to the hand, to combine the two things we need most when life is tough – a helping hand, and the power of love.

This is part of our 2021 collection, launched in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis and our on-going recovery from it. There have been so many extraordinary examples of kindness and compassion, and we wanted to create a mantra to reflect that outpouring of goodness. But its message of love and care is relevant at any time, and for any reason, as it celebrates the kindness and care of a truly special person.

Choose the ‘Hand and Heart’ mantra as a gift of thanks and appreciation for a friend who has helped you, or to pay tribute to someone whose love and compassion have stood out for you. Or buy it as a reminder to yourself of your loving nature, and your passion for helping others.

Hold onto your necklace through the day and bring its mantra to mind. Repeat its gentle mantra when you need a reminder of love and kindness.


ahimsa necklace dimensions

Chain Length: 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain 

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver


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