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Mantras of Acceptance

Posted: by Jo Wednesday, 26 May 2021 @ 11:48

A lot has changed for all of us. From working patterns, to cancelled plans, to the loss of face-to-face contact, to our mental and physical health and wellbeing – this past year has seen everyone having to cope with tumultuous change. Having a degree of acceptance that change can be good, and believing that positive things will flow from change, makes it much easier to deal with it calmly and optimistically.

Here are some of my favourite mantras for accepting – and even, embracing - change:  


In the waves of change, I find my new direction
mantra waves of change necklace

The feeling of change can be one of waves continually crashing over you, as nothing seems to stay still for long. But this mantra reassures us that something positive will come out of the change. A new direction or a new opportunity, if we can just hold on and get through. Even enforced change can often lead to new things that we had not previously considered - so stay positive, and look out for a brighter future.  


Without change, there would be no butterflies
mantra butterfly necklace

A brilliant mantra to remind us that Mother Nature embraces change, and builds change into her masterplan for life. Look at the caterpillar that becomes a beautiful butterfly: metamorphosis is all around us, in nature. Let’s celebrate it, and look for it in our own lives. How can we transform ourselves for the better?


I trust in new beginnings
mantra new beginnings necklace

Trust is a hugely important concept in life. Trust in ourselves and our decisions; trust in the universe, God or a higher power; trust in our loved ones and our families; trust that our lives will pan out how we want them to. A new start can be scary and disorientating and unwelcome – as we all long to hang onto the old and familiar. But try to adopt a positive view towards it, and trust that good things will flow from a new start. Give it time, and give it trust.


I am always whole, even if I do not feel it
mantra crescent moon necklace

This mantra is intended for those days when we feel low, or empty, or lost. Maybe we have lost someone or something that was a big part of our life. It reminds us, gently, that we are still a whole, living, breathing person, and that we have not lost the essence of ourselves – even if, right now, we feel bereft. Say it to yourself to find some comfort, as you go through a challenging period and are starting to see a way out the other side.


Today, I will breathe deeper. Exhale slower. Find the stillness within me
mantra breathe necklace

Take the time to slow down, be still, and breathe deeply, whenever you feel stressed or rushed – just for a few moments. It will help you connect with that stillness inside you, and bring a sense of calm. It is easier to accept what is happening around you from a place of calm, than a place of stress.


I am enough
mantra i am enough

A really important message of self-love and self-acceptance: you are enough, just as you are. You are good enough, strong enough, clever enough, whatever enough – just exactly as you are right now. Whatever life throws at you, and however much change you are asked to cope with – you have the strength, the wisdom and the character to deal with it.


I open my heart to new experiences, without expectation
mantra heart chakra

Life is presenting you with many new experiences, in this year of change. Try to let go of your expectations as to what this change will bring. Be open to the outcomes, whatever they may be. The road to peace of mind and happiness is to let go of trying to manage everything and control what happens to us in life. Embrace the unknown, and just enjoy the experience.    


I am evolving and transforming
mantra womanhood necklace

The world has changed around us, which can be scary and disorientating, or exciting and wonderful, depending on your point of view. But have you changed also? Why not embrace this opportunity to change, and looks at ways of evolving your own beliefs, attitudes, or behaviours, to match this new world?


We are all coming through a long period of unsettling change, and are having to navigate once again a world outside of lockdown, but with many things different to how they were before. These mantras are to help us all embrace these changing times, and look forwards with acceptance and peace of mind, at the very least; or excitement and anticipation, at what is to come.

Jo xx



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