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Love and Self-love Mantra: I am always whole, even if I do not feel it

✔ In stock
✔ In stock
  • 925 Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold-plated Silver
  • 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain


Our beautiful new Crescent Moon necklace brings to life the mantra, ‘I am always whole, even if I do not feel it’.

It is a mantra to express a feeling that many of us have, after suffering loss or separation: we feel empty and broken, like a part of us is missing. Over time, we re-learn that we are still a whole person, with our body, mind, heart and spirit intact. It may not feel like it, but we haven’t lost our very essence, our very self.

Perfect comforting gift for a friend who is feeling down, or has suffered a loss | an uplifting purchase for yourself, to give you the strength to come back to yourself

The moon design helps to bring this feeling to life – in a way that words alone cannot do. The different phases of the moon – full, crescent, waning or waxing - are caused by the angle from which a person on Earth sees the moon illuminated by the sun. When the moon’s position changes, we see only a half or a quarter of the moon’s surface - but that doesn’t alter the scientific fact that the moon is always a sphere.

So – just like the moon – we are always whole and complete, even though there are times when we feel like a large part of us is missing, or there is an emptiness inside us.

The moon shape is embellished with a Lotus Flower, as the Lotus’s powerful symbolism of regeneration and new beginnings adds a further layer of meaning to the design.

Hold onto your necklace through the day and bring its mantra to mind. Repeat its affirmative mantra when you need a reminder of your strength and resilience.

Choose the ‘I am always whole’ Moon mantra as a comforting gift for a friend who is feeling low, sad or empty, or is recovering from loss; or choose it as a comfort to yourself, to remind you that you are still whole, no matter how empty or broken you feel right now.

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mantra crescent moon dimensions

Chain Length: 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain 

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold-plated Silver


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