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11 Mantras for your Move to Big School

Posted: by Sinade Friday, 1 September 2023 @ 10:34

Moving from your primary school up to secondary school can be a scary time. You are often leaving behind friends, and moving to an unfamiliar building with completely new teachers.

Classes are often bigger; suddenly, homework is a greater amount, and harder; and the school environment itself is likely to be substantially larger. Teachers treat you in a more grown-up way, with more rules to follow and higher expectations placed on you. 

It makes sense that you might be a little nervous. It takes everyone a little while to settle into a new school, but if you stay positive, and welcome the chance to learn new things and make new friends, it’s a really exciting time in your life. 

Here are some mantras to ease back to school worries...

Mantras for when you are feeling worried:

I feel calm

Children's Calm Necklace

I let go of fear, I let go of worry, I let go of doubt

I am safe, happy and loved

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Take one day at a time

I feel calm, safe and grounded


Mantras for when you want to motivate yourself:

I shine brightly

Children's shine bright necklace

 You are strong. You are capable. You got this!

I can, and I will

 Life changes, and so do I

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Be the best version of you

Believe in yourself


Looking for a back to school treat? Discover Mini Mantra...

Our mindful Mini Mantra designs are especially chosen to appeal to younger children*. They can remember and repeat the positive mantra at moments of worry or stress, to help keep a positive mindset and a calm outlook.

Mini Mantra

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*We do not recommend our jewellery for children under the age of 8.

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