Anchor Earrings | Sterling Silver, For Calmness

Happiness and Wellbeing Mantra: I feel calm safe and grounded

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  • 925 Sterling Silver

The anchor is a symbol of stability, holding the vessel safe in calm seas or stormy weather. Wear these anchor earrings to remind you that you have that power inside you. If you feel anxious or stressed, rub your earrings and visualise calm. Let them be your mindfulness anchor.

The perfect gift for someone feeling stressed or anxious | a physical anchor for mindful practice | support for someone in tough times

Every philosophy of positive thinking, manifesting, or the law of attraction, includes a focus on the importance of finding peace of mind, and a sense of calm and stillness. Touch your earrings throughout the day, and say this affirmation to yourself, to remind yourself to find that inner calm. 

Mantras are powerful words, designed to have a positive effect on how we feel. Repeating a mantra uplifts us; it reassures and motivates us. Most powerfully of all, it can bring self-belief.

We created Mantra Jewellery to provide you with you a precious, wearable and permanent way of keeping your mantra close to you, whether bought for yourself or received as a gift. Wear your Mantra Jewellery to bring inspiration every day.

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Available in: 925 Sterling Silver


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