Clover Earrings in Sterling Silver

Luck and Success Mantra: Something wonderful is about to happen

Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover stud Earrings
Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover stud Earrings
Cute Sterling Silver 4 Leaf Clover Earrings
Buy Clover Earrings in Sterling Silver
Personalised letterbox size gift boxes
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  • 925 Sterling Silver
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The Four Leaf Clover is the traditional symbol of good luck, so wear it as a pair of Sterling Silver earrings to carry luck with you every day. The mantra reminds us to have an optimistic outlook, believing good things will happen - as always in life, we create our own luck by being open to opportunities.

A perfect gift for a new job | new house | new start | a wedding gift | or gift to wish good luck

Touch your Clover Earrings through the day to bring to mind their mantra, to keep you feeling positive and optimistic every day.

Presented on a beautiful card to keep, with an inspiring image on the front, and space on the back for your personal message. 

A mantra is a powerful set of words, created to make us feel better. Repeating a mantra strengthens us, and resets our mood. Hold onto your jewellery when you feel you need a lift, and call to mind its mantra. This will bring your mind back to a more positive and resolute position.

Mantra Jewellery is intended to provide a beautiful and personal means of wearing your mantra, in a way that lasts, whether you buy it yourself or it is a gift. Wear your Mantra Jewellery to feel happy and motivated throughout the day.



Available in: 925 Sterling Silver 

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Letterbox friendly packaging - fits into your letterbox 

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