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Mummy and me Jewellery – The Trend for Matching

Posted: Monday, 13 February 2023 @ 14:46


#mummyandme or #mommyandme has millions of posts across social media, as the trend for matching fashion, make-up and jewellery between mum and daughter continues to be a massive trend.

Matching clothes has always been a been a way of showing the bond between a mother and her child, and bringing them closer together. Sometimes, this is done very much for the public eye, with a celebrity ‘mini me’ child dressed exactly as her mum; or sometimes, it is a more subtle way of showing love and connection.

Sharing a mother daughter look by matching clothes is like sharing a part of your personality with your child, and enabling her to feel grown-up and special. It can bring a sense of connectedness and comfort to the child.

On the other hand – it can also be done purely for fun, as a simple expression of pure joy! Finding an outfit that is exactly the same for mum and daughter brings a smile to your face, and is a simply way of having some fun with fashion.

For some mums and daughters, matching can be a sign of solidarity and strength, rather than something for public attention.

Coordinated outfits can be a way of feeling close, even when you aren’t together.

Matching jewellery is a more subtle – but equally powerful – way of showing solidarity.

Our Mini Mantra collection was deliberately designed to mirror our adult collection – but tweaked to be on shorter chains, and with new, age-appropriate mantras written for younger children.

For example, mummy and daughter can both wear our Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace, each one symbolising life changing around us.

Mummy’s version is brought to life with a mantra of acceptance and celebration – ‘Without change, there would be no butterflies’. Change can be hard to accept – particularly if it relates to an enforced life change like divorce or job loss; or even a challenging new project or new start. But the butterfly is nature’s proof that change can bring about something beautiful.

For the daughter’s version, the mantra – ‘Life changes, and so do I’ - is written in a more child-like font on the accompanying card. This mantra is supported by many more words of encouragement – ‘change is good’, ‘you can start a new chapter’, ‘you can change the world’, ‘every day is a new start’ – to reinforce the message.

Perfect for when she is moving to big school; relocating to a new area; or going through the changes of puberty – this reassuring message reminds her that it is normal for life to change.

Choose matching Mantra Jewellery for you and your daughter, with our Sun, Butterfly, Daisy or Star Necklaces.

sisters mum and me matching jewellery Matching Mother Daughter Jewellery Collection

Another powerful reason for wearing matching jewellery is to treat your necklace or earrings like a ‘Hug Button’, for when you can’t be there.

Back in 2017, mum of three Louise Mallet came up with the idea, when her son was anxious about going to school. She drew a heart on both their hands, and ‘charged’ them by holding hands on the way to school. She told him that when he was feeling anxious, he could press the heart as a little button, as if he was summoning a hug from her.

It worked as a comforting technique when they were separated. Try the same technique with matching jewellery:

Tell your daughter to hold onto her Mantra Necklace through the day, knowing that Mummy has the same necklace on. You’ll be holding yours through the day and thinking of her; while she does the same. What a lovely way of sharing a moment, even when you are apart.

View the Mini Mantra Children’s Collection here.

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