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Mini Mantra – Our Children’s Collection

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 16 November 2021 @ 14:11

Many of you have asked us if we are going to produce a children’s collection, specifically designed for the under 14’s. So, we’ve listened – and are launching with four designs.

Mini Mantra Children's Jewellery

With younger and younger children starting to experience stress and anxiety, whether it be at school or in friendship groups, there is an increasing demand for tools that help to encourage and reassure this audience.

Wearing a Mantra Necklace, with its positive and uplifting mantra, can really help as a tangible reminder of a calming and soothing message.

We have chosen four of our favourite Symbol Necklace designs, and re-imagined them for a younger audience.

Our Mini Mantra designs are especially chosen to appeal to youngsters, and are presented on shorter, adjustable 14 to 16 inch (35 to 40 cm) chains.

We have picked the Star, Sun, Daisy and Butterfly, and written new mantras for them, and designed new cards, as well as commissioning a shorter, adjustable chain. The design brings to life the mantra, or positive phrase, that the necklace represents.

A mantra is a positive phrase, intended to have a calming and uplifting effect. The idea is to repeat the mantra a few times at moments of worry, stress, self-doubt, or when your child lacks confidence or courage, to help her keep a positive mindset and a determined outlook.

Even if she can’t wear jewellery at school, it can be kept for weekends or special occasions, and the habit of saying the mantra to herself will hopefully become an ingrained way of calming herself down, even when she isn’t wearing the necklace.

We see this collection as the perfect gift for your daughter, if she is worried or anxious about something, feels out of her depth, or lacks confidence in her abilities. Or, she might be facing a lot of change, and feels unsettled by it.

Alternatively, our necklaces work as a well done gift to reward her for trying really hard, or achieving something she set out to do; or a meaningful birthday or Christmas gift; or a gift for First Communion or Confirmation.

The mantras we have chosen are:

I shine brightly

Mini Mantra Children's Star Necklace


I feel calm

Mini Mantra Children's Flower Necklace


I am safe, happy and loved

Mini Mantra Children's Sun Necklace


Life changes, and so do I

Mini Mantra Children's Butterfly Necklace


Each card has this mantra at the top, intended to be the most important phrase for the child to remember.

This is reinforced and supported by the additional encouraging phrases on the card, which are intended to strengthen the main mantra, helping her to absorb the meaning.

Visit our new Mini Mantra collection here.

Jewellery Care

We do not recommend our jewellery for children under the age of 8.

Care should always be taken to ensure the child does not put the item in their mouth, or wear it to go to sleep in. Necklaces have small moving parts and chains, so care must be taken when wearing them.

Our jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver, which is 92.5% Silver. Although it is fine to get Silver wet, it should not be deliberately worn for swimming or in the bath or shower, and should be dried thoroughly after wearing.


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