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Mindful Mantras for Autumn

Posted: by Mantra Wednesday, 25 September 2019 @ 16:37

Autumn is a time for rest and reflection before we head into the Winter months. As the seasons change, we look back on the year so far and forward to the months that remain. We’ve picked out some mindful mantras to help you reflect and take stock during this beautiful, contemplative time of year…

I feel calm safe and grounded

The anchor is a symbol of stability, holding the vessel safe in calm seas or stormy weather. Wear your anchor to remind you that you have that power inside you. If you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, hold your anchor and visualise calm. Let it be your mindfulness anchor.

anchor necklace

Got outside. Breathe. Let nature restore you.

The mantra acts as an encouragement to spend more time outside, benefitting from the restorative power of nature. Our “Breathe” necklace is a collaboration with Trees for Cities, in our ‘Mantra Changes Lives’ collection. As well as being a reminder to go outside and enjoy nature, it shines a light on the fact that trees clean our air and contribute to a healthy environment.

breathe necklace

Everything I need is already within me

This Disc necklace has a three-dimensional sun ray design, intended to illustrate the rays of the sun shining out from the centre. It represents the mantra, ‘Everything I need is already within me’ - the design implying that the sun’s rays are shining out from deep inside you. This mantra is all about self-belief and self-confidence. It is a powerful reminder that we all have the qualities within us to be what we want in life.

sunrays necklace

May I wake each day renewed

Every morning, the Lotus pushes its way up through murky and muddy water, to bloom again as fresh and beautiful as the day before, high above the waterline. During the evening, the Lotus closes and sinks under the water, until it emerges again in the sunlight of a new day. Its stem is flexible but strong; its petals, delicate and beautiful. For this reason, the Lotus symbolises renewal and regeneration – hence it makes the perfect representation of our mantra, ‘May I awake each day renewed’. This could be physically, emotionally, or spiritually renewed – whichever you need most in the present moment.

lotus necklace


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