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Mindful Mantras for Autumn

Posted: by Sinade Friday, 1 September 2023 @ 16:18

Autumn is a time for rest and reflection before we head into the Winter months. As the seasons change, we look back on the year so far and forward to the months that remain. We’ve picked out our favourite mindful mantras to help you reflect and take stock during this beautiful, contemplative time of year…


Be still, be present, be mindful

Be mindful Necklace

We all need a reminder from time to time to be more present. Breathe in, relax your mind, repeat this mantra and slow your thoughts.


I trust in new beginnings

New Beginnings Necklace

Welcome the change the new season brings and the opportunity it gives us to reflect and reset. Do you want to behave differently, to think different thoughts, to change how you react and respond? Now is your chance for a fresh start.


I am exactly where I'm supposed to be

Feather Necklace

This year may not have gone to plan so far but rather than fretting and worrying if you made the right decisions – relax. Give up trying to control everything, and let go of what could have been any different up to this point. Repeat this mantra for peace of mind, and a feeling of calm confidence. 


Peace comes from within

Inner peace necklace

Life is always busy, so take the time this season to find more moments of calm - repeat this mantra as a reminder that inner peace will only come when we do the work to calm our mind.


I am evolving and transforming

Evolving Necklace

As time passes, our lives change, and we evolve into different versions of ourselves. Repeat this mantra and welcome the changes you've experienced this year as a chance to grow.




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Mantras for Autumn

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