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Buddha Necklace in Sterling Silver

Happiness and Wellbeing Mantra: Peace comes from within

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Designed as an aid for mindfulness and to calm the mind, this mantra reminds you that you have all you need inside yourself. Take inspiration from the Buddha, knowing that peace of mind and serenity of spirit come from looking within, not outside. The perfect mantra for mindfulness, or for a friend searching for calm.

This Sterling Silver necklace has a 1.3cm pendant hanging on an 18-20inch extendable chain.Mantras are sacred words or phrases believed to have a positive effect on our well-being, reminding us of all that is joyful and beautiful in life. Repeat your mantra to yourself when you need some inspiration.

We have designed Mantra jewellery to give you a precious, personal, wearable and lasting reminder of your mantra. Wear your Mantra jewellery to bring inspiration and joy, every day.

Perfect gift for: A mindful reminder for someone experiencing stress, or whose life is just too busy.

Chain Length: 18 - 20 inches

Dimensions: 1.3 cm

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver

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