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Jo’s Journal - October 2021

Posted: by Jo Monday, 27 September 2021 @ 10:47

September was a hugely enjoyable month for me personally, with my birthday towards the end of the month, a weekend away at a festival, and a glamorous Garden Party. So many social events, in fact, that it felt like pre-Covid days!  

The festival was Goodwood Revival – my husband is a big fan of cars – and it was enormous fun: to really get into the spirit of it, you dress up in 40’s, 50’s or 60’s gear, to watch the vintage racing. My red polka dot dress and frilled petticoat harked back to the 50’s, and dressing up really made the event come to life.  

Jo at Goodwood Revival Festival

One of my favourite birthday presents was a small rucksack, for taking on Lake District hikes. It shows how much I’m changing as I get older, as I’m so excited about the next time we get to climb a big hill! Climbing Helvellyn last month was one of my happiest days – the sheer fun of scrambling across Striding Edge, and the sense of achievement when we reached the summit, was incredible.

Also this month, I have spent a lot of time reading, and listening to audio books. Even more than normal, as I kept finding exciting books that I didn’t want to put down. The first was Edith Eger’s ‘The Gift’, which I would highly recommend to everyone.

Edith is a psychologist, and a survivor of concentration camps. She writes in such a gentle and encouraging way, about how to change the imprisoning thoughts and habits that may be holding us back. Using her own life as an example, but also, many stories of people she had helped, her book encourages you to see your darkest moments as your greatest teachers, helping you find inner strength. I simply didn’t want the book to end.

Then, with a completely different vibe, but similar positive approach, I listened to Jen Sincero’s ‘You are a Badass’, which has the subtitle, ‘How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life’.

As you can tell from its title, Jen has a funny, irreverent approach to self-improvement. Her book has many familiar elements, like using affirmations, visualisation and acting ‘as if’ to manifest what you want in life; and she comes across in such a warm and positive manner, and is very down-to-earth as opposed to ‘woo woo’. I loved it!

I also read Eleanor Roosevelt’s ‘You Learn by Living’, this month, which is also excellent. She is someone whom I would love to have met, and whose life and writings are truly inspirational.  

So, a busy month on the book front!

I have also been loving the mini courses I signed up to last month, on art and architecture. In fact, the Art Nouveau course told me about a church up in the Lake District, with a window designed by Burne Jones. I happened to be up there at the time, so was able to stop in at Troutbeck to see the beautiful stained glass window. Had I not done the course, I wouldn’t have known it was there!  

Here at Mantra, we have been getting ready to launch some exciting new products before Christmas. One thing we are working on is ‘Mini Mantra’, which is a complementary range aimed at younger children. Many of you have asked us whether we will ever bring out children’s jewellery, as younger and younger girls seem to need the reassurance that a mantra can bring.

As you know, we absolutely believe in the power of words to change your mood and your mindset. A mantra, or affirmation, is a powerful way to reset negative thoughts and fight back against limiting beliefs. And we firmly believe that jewellery is one of the best ways of carrying that mantra with you, because it is so personal and precious, and you wear it close to your skin.

Life has become so much more stressful for everyone, including for kids. From lockdowns and Covid, to exam pressures, social media and body confidence, there are so many things out there that can cause fear, worry and stress. Saying a mantra to yourself can help bring yourself back to a calm and positive mindset, to stop worries from spiralling out of control.

We have written four mantras specifically aimed at kids, which we are bringing to life as fun necklaces with a serious purpose behind them. Look out for our Mini Mantra launch, in November!

mini mantra

We created a fundraising necklace with Breast Cancer Haven, some years ago, with the mantra, ‘You’re someone special. Someone strong. Someone loved’. Unfortunately, this wonderful charity has had such a tough time during the Covid crisis, without its normal access to fundraising and other revenue streams, that they have had to make the very difficult decision to close.  

mantra Breast Cancer Necklace

We have therefore decided to donate 25% of the sales of our Heart Necklace this Quarter to CoppaFeel! instead – take a look at our necklace just here. It is our Mantra of the Month, and you can also win one in our October competition.

I hope you have a lovely October, and enjoy the changing season.  

Jo xxx  




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