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How to have a Mindful Autumn

Posted: Wednesday, 31 August 2022 @ 19:55

I love these words by German philosopher, Neitzsche, about Autumn: ‘Autumn is more a season of the soul than of nature’.

To me, it is both, as the changing colours and falling leaves mean that nature is very hard to miss. As Emily Bronte wrote, ‘Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree’.

But it is also a season that makes me think of change; of things ending and beginning; a time to reflect on what I have achieved in the year, and what I still want to do before the year end. It is a season when I pay attention to everything around me, because nature is changing so quickly; but also, when I pay close attention to my own life.

As Virginia Woolf wrote, ‘And all the lives we ever lived, and all the lives to be, are full of trees and changing leaves...’.

So, what will you do this Autumn, to stir your heart and your soul? How will you really pay attention to the changing season that is happening around you? And how will you use this to help you reflect on how you want your life to be?  

Be still, be present, be mindful
Silver Mindful Necklace

This is a really important mantra to bring to mind often. We need to create stillness and space in our lives, to truly notice what is going on around us, and to clear our heads so we can listen to our inner voice. This mantra brings us into the present moment, and encourages us be still, calm and quiet, but alert to our surroundings.


Go outside. Breathe. Let nature restore you.
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A reminder to get outside at this wonderful time of year. Book a visit to an Arboretum – I go to Batsford and Westonbirt – and see the amazing Acers changing into fiery splendour. Plan a long, rural walk – for me, the Cotswolds are on my doorstep, and the first 10 miles of The Cotswold Way is simply glorious. Even here in Leamington Spa, where we are based, we have Sequoia Redwoods and Monkey Puzzle trees mixed amongst our native British trees, in Jephson Gardens – a beautiful place for a lunchtime walk.


Today, I will breathe deeper. Exhale slower. Find the stillness within me
Silver Breathe Bar Necklace

Another great mantra for an Autumnal walk. Get outside this season, see the trees changing, look at the colours around you. Breathe more deeply. Exhale more slowly. Take the time to be with yourself, on your own, outside, in this gloriously changing season. Find that still, quiet part of yourself that is hidden deep inside.


I am evolving and transforming
Silver Womanhood Necklace

The perfect mantra for this changing season. I love seeing beech trees change from bright, vivid green, to deep tones of copper. I love seeing the fiery red of acer trees, in complete contrast to their Summer tones. And seeing the view change in my garden, as leaves fall to reveal far-reaching views through the bare trees. It is a season of transformation in nature. Can you use it as a metaphor for your own life, to see how you have evolved, and are still evolving? Use the mantra as a journal prompt to think about your life.


Peace comes from within
Silver Buddha Necklace

Another good mantra to hold onto for Autumn, as you see everything changing outside around you. The trees don’t try to hold onto their leaves – they know it’s time for them to fall. Peace of mind comes from accepting the things we cannot change. Rather than fighting against what happens to us in life, recognise that, often, you can only change your reaction to it, not the thing itself. Change what you have some influence over; accept what can’t be changed.  


I trust life to help me find what I need
Silver Trust Necklace

This is the new mantra for our ‘Trust’ bar necklace. I believe trust is a hugely important thing in life. Often, we try to control all aspects of our lives, and to micro-manage people and situations, to get what we want. This Autumn, why not take a cue from nature, and relax into life? Trees trust that their leaves will grow back the next year. Why not try trusting life to work with you, rather than against you? Trust that life is there to help you find what you need.


What do I need right now, to flourish?
Silver Flourish Necklace

The weather is changing, with an Autumnal chill starting in the air - and we start thinking about snuggling down with mugs of hot chocolate and warm blankets. Take some time to think about your own self-care. Ask yourself – for you to really flourish in life right now, what do you need? Sometimes it’s as simple as some proper sleep, or a few days off; other times, much more is needed. What can you do this Autumn, to take small steps towards your own happiness?


Use this beautiful, ever-changing season to pay close attention to nature changing. Spend time outside, and give it your mindful attention, without being distracted by your own thoughts.

And then use the change as a metaphor, to look at your own evolution and transformation – perhaps using a journal, or talking with a friend. I see Autumn as the perfect season to pause and take stock.


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