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5 mantras for a Scorpio

Posted: by Rhian Monday, 17 October 2016 @ 11:44

This water sign, symbolised by the scorpion, is larger than life. Those born under Scorpio (23rd October- 21st November) are natural entrepreneurs, and are able to overcome any obstacle life throws at them. Naturally passionate, they enjoy a lively debate and love very deeply. Here are 5 mantras every Scorpio will love!

My heart is full of love

my heart is full of love

You love deeply and passionately and you like to let people know how much they mean to you. You would love to give this as a gift, just as much as you’d love to receive it.

Be fearless

be fearless necklace

Your determination and entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, celebrate your strength and embrace your fearlessness.

When life pulls you back, aim forward

arrow necklace

You overcome any obstacle that life throws at you, but don’t berate yourself if you’re having a tough time. Wear the arrow to remind yourself that you will bounce back.

Laugh often and much

laugh often and much necklace

You are the life and soul of the party, larger than life and charismatic. Your laughter is infectious, everyone loves to be around a Scorpio!

Passionate, charismatic, caring

scorpio necklace

Wear your star sign to remind you of the person you have become, celebrate the fate of your birth and the life you have created for yourself.


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