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5 mantras for a Scorpio

Posted: by Sinade Monday, 19 September 2022 @ 20:04

When is Scorpio Season?

Scorpios are born between 23rd October- 21st November. It is an air sign symbolised by scales.

What are the characteristics of a Scorpio?

Those born under Scorpio are natural entrepreneurs, and are able to overcome any obstacle life throws at them. Naturally passionate, they enjoy a lively debate and love very deeply.

What can I buy a Scorpio as a gift?

Here are five gifts every Scorpio will love... 

I love, and am loved

Silver Love Bar Necklace

A Scorpio loves deeply and passionately and likes to let people know how much they mean to them. They would love to give this as a gift, just as much as they’d love to receive it!


I leap fearlessly towards the life I want to live

Gold Be Fearless Necklace

Their determination and entrepreneurial spirit is contagious - celebrate their strength and honour their fearlessness with this mantra.


When life pulls you back, aim forward

Silver Arrow Necklace

They are overcome any obstacle that life throws at you without giving themself a tough time. Gift the arrow to remind them of their resilience


Life is better with you in it

Sunflower Earrings

Scorpios are the life and soul of the party, larger than life and charismatic. Their happiness is infectious let them know how much you love to be around them!


If not now, when?

Sailing Boat Necklace

Gift this necklace to remind them to keep working towards the life they want!


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