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5 mantras for a Libran

Posted: Monday, 20 September 2021 @ 10:58

Those born under Libra (23rd September- 22nd October) have an unwavering moral compass and want to achieve a balance and harmony in their lives, and the world around them. They are greatly moved by the arts, and possess a great appreciation for music.

I create balance in my life

Gold Balance Necklace

You have a level of balance in life that others strive for, you prioritise the right things.


Without change, there would be no butterflies

Silver Butterfly Necklace

As a Libra you love balance and can find change daunting. Wear this mantra to remind you that change is a good thing, and that out of change can come great new adventures.


My heart is full of love

Silver Love Bar Necklace

You are extremely affectionate and caring, creative and appreciative. You feel love deeply and it shapes your actions. This mantra will remind you that you live for love and that it is all that matters.


Be still, be present, be mindful

Gold Still Present Mindful Necklace

Your love for balance means that you are prone to stress, wear this mantra to remind you to take a moment to relax, don’t stress about the future or worry about the past – be in the moment.


Balanced, Friendly, Affectionate

Gold Libra Starmap Necklace

The Libra Star Map reminds you to embrace your positives and negatives. Wear it and be proud of who you are, what you have fought to become and celebrate who you will be down the line.



  • Wow, the traits of a Libra mantra fits true to most that I know that are in the zodiac sign of libra’s. It’s truely amazing to read about ones signs. Thank you.By Catherine Lindquist28 Feb 18, 7:50pm
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