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5 mantras for a Gemini

Posted: Monday, 10 May 2021 @ 09:51

Happy Birthday to all you fabulous Geminis, what is your mantra?

Gemini is an air sign, symbolised by the twins. This sign is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and those born under Gemini (21st May- 20th June) are the life and soul of the party. Gemini's are witty and adaptable, with a lust for knowledge and new experiences. Here are some mantras perfect for a Gemini…

I do more than live life. I celebrate it
mantra celebrate life necklace

Embrace your vivacity and lust for life with this mantra to remind you that life is to be enjoyed!


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams

mantra compass necklace

Wanderlust fits a Gemini’s personality down to the ground, wear your compass to remind you to keep moving, experiencing and dreaming.


Give me the vision to see far ahead...

mantra  eagle necklace

Your thirst for knowledge is something you should cherish, wisdom is not about academia but life experiences, remember to keep growing with this mantra.


Life is beautiful

mantra life is beautiful necklace

You have an impulsive nature which means you’re always on the go, however the flip side of this trait is that you can be restless. Wear ‘life is beautiful’ to remind you to appreciate what you have, and reign in your natural inclination to flit between life experiences.

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mantra gemini necklace