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A long weekend in Venice

Posted: by Sinade Thursday, 19 May 2016 @ 10:37

I’m still reminiscing about my lovely city break to Venice earlier this month. You can fit so much into a long weekend, and going somewhere like Venice, with its canals for streets and beautiful Renaissance architecture, gives you a completely different perspective on life. It's a great way to open your mind and broaden your horizons.

Here are my tips for Venice, for an affordable, romantic city break...

STAY on the mainland, if you want to keep your accommodation costs low.  Hotels situated around the Mestre station have great airport links and a return ticket to the island is just €2.30 and takes just 8-12minutes.  This also cuts out any stress of getting yourself and your luggage to and from your hotel as water taxis can be expensive. On your arrival in Venice, you still get the same WOW factor, just without your suitcase in tow – so you can explore straight away!    

TRY to fit in a Gondola ride.  The best view of Venice is from a Gondola, you’re navigated down all the smaller canals and can really appreciate the quiet, tranquil side to living on the island. We did this on our last evening, which was a great way to see the city again and reminisce on our lovely trip. Prices are fixed at all Gondola stations, so the only decision you have to make is where you’d like to get on.

 Romantic Venice trip

Travel authentically in Venice 

Breathe in the culture in Venice 

WEAR comfortable shoes. Walking is the easiest way to see Venice for yourself. Navigating all the little lanes and bridges can be tricky, but maps are readily available. But remember getting lost in Venice is part of the magic, you’ll stumble across something beautiful and another few lost tourists too! While it can be hot and humid in the day (my hair spent its time in a top knot to avoid unwanted frizz and curls) it does cool down in the evenings, so take light jackets so you can enjoy the city the evening.

SEE the island of Murano.  This colourful island is a short boat trip away and is home to stunning shops and factories that produce Murano glass. There is a museum, which shows you the highly skilled process of blowing glass, as well as plenty of open factories to see the glassmakers in action.  Several water buses go there, as well as tour boats – so it’s easily accessible.

 The romance of Juliets balcony Inspired by Verona 

GO to Verona on a day trip if you’ve got the time. This is a beautiful place, with stunning scenery. It is also the home of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet – and although it’s fictional, it’s still romantic to visit Juliet’s balcony.  But don’t get too swept up in Shakespeare’s Verona, take the time to explore the city, which has some stunning landmarks (their Theatre is older than the coliseum in Rome) and its also great shopping!

PLAN your airport transfers if you are arriving in the evening.  Airport shuttles don’t run all night and Taxis are expensive.  Also if staying on the Island, when arriving in Venice you need to be aware of the water bus timetables – or you’ll be in for a long walk dragging a heavy suitcase (if you over pack like me). 

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