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The story behind the mantra: the Phoenix

Posted: Friday, 23 June 2017 @ 14:07

Always I rise mantra jewellery phoenix necklaceOur new Mantra pendant, the Phoenix, is a depiction of that mythical, mysterious bird, representing the mantra, 'Always, I rise'.

We wanted to create an inspiring piece of jewellery to encourage you, when life seems very tough. Something that would bring hope, connect you to your inner strength, and give you the courage, self-belief and positivity to turn things around.

Something that would remind you that you have survived tougher circumstances or situations in the past, and you can do so again now. A mantra of surviving: but more than that - of thriving - when life is hard.

The inspirational phrase, 'Always, I rise', is a defiant call-out to the world that you will not be weighed down by your cares and worries; that you will not be defeated or despondent; that you will, in fact, thrive and go ever onwards and upwards.

We chose the Phoenix to represent this strength and resilience, as it is a bird born out of fire, that flourishes through the flames and has the ability to resurrect itself.

Buy this Mantra necklace to rally your inner strength, and as a call to action for your self-confidence and determination to succeed. Or gift it to a friend who needs reminding of her power. 


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