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The Story behind the Mantra: Lotus Flower Disc

Posted: by Pallavi Tuesday, 1 May 2018 @ 12:04

‘I trust in new beginnings’ | ‘May I awake each day renewed’ | ‘My inner beauty shines through’

New Sterling Silver Lotus Jewellery

Our newest Lotus flower disc necklace is engraved with a beautiful ornate Lotus design.

We have this same lotus design on our larger ‘My Mantra’ personalised necklace, and it has proven so popular that we have also brought it out as one of our small discs.

The Lotus is our logo for Mantra, as it has such power as a symbol of renewal, strength, purity and hope.

Every morning, the Lotus pushes its way up through murky and muddy water, to bloom again as fresh and beautiful as the day before, the flower held high above the waterline. As night falls, the Lotus closes and sinks under the water, until it emerges again in the sunlight of a new day. Its stem is flexible but strong; its petals, delicate and beautiful.

For this reason, the Lotus symbolises renewal and regeneration – hence it makes the perfect representation of our mantra, ‘May I awake each day renewed’. This could be physically, emotionally, or spiritually renewed.

However, as it starts over each day, the Lotus is also a strong symbol of new beginnings – reminding us that, as each day starts afresh, we have the chance to begin again ourselves. To behave differently, to think different thoughts, to change how we react and respond. And to welcome new opportunities, new projects, new initiatives and new people into our lives – rather than standing still.

Finally, the Lotus also symbolises inner strength, purity, resilience and beauty. In spite of the mud, and the murky water – the Lotus emerges pure and clean each morning. It is as if it has an inner beauty that is so strong, the mud can’t destroy it.

So – unusually – we have created three different cards for the beautiful Lotus disc. You can decide which one speaks to you the most, and which mantra fulfils the need you have right now.

‘May I awake each day renewed’

Lotus Necklace & Earrings - may i awake each day renewed

‘I trust in new beginnings’

i trust in new beginnings - Lotus Necklace & Earrings

‘My inner beauty shines through’

my inner beauty shines through - Lotus Earrings & Necklace

Choose the new Lotus Flower Disc for yourself, if you want to remind yourself that every day brings a new start and a new chance; or if you are facing a lot of change in your life.

Or gift it to a friend who needs reminding of her unique qualities: her strength, her resilience, her beautiful soul.


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