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The story behind the mantra: Create your world

Posted: by Jo Monday, 17 October 2016 @ 10:58

Our newest addition to Mantra is the gorgeous moon and star pendant, with the mantra, ‘Create your world’.  As always, we start with the mantra, then design a piece of jewellery to embody or represent the mantra. 

So, why ‘create your world’?

Firstly, it is a real mantra of empowerment to me. It reminds me that we have control over the world we choose to live in, day-to-day. We might not be able to personally control global events, world politics or the wider society, but we can decide how we spend our time and who we spend it with, where we work, and where we live, how we think, how we react, and how we behave.

In this way, we all have a big say in creating our own worlds. I also feel there are numerous occasions in life when we specifically set out to create a world of our own. When we move in with a partner, or get married; when we start a family; or even when we set up a business - all of these are examples of us setting out to create our own personal worlds. I certainly felt that way when I set up Fabulous, my jewellery company, 11 years ago.

So, choose this mantra when you want to feel empowered, as a way of reminding yourself how much choice you have to create the life you want. Or gift it to someone who is embarking on their own magical journey of creation.

The mantra is symbolised by a delicate half-moon, which is 18ct gold-plated, with a tiny CZ embedded in it; and a silver star which sparkles all over with glittering CZ stones.

Priced at £50, it comes on a card with a beautiful vintage illustration of a moon in the sky. This makes the perfect necklace to mark the start of someone’s world.



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