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The Story behind the Mantra – Pegasus

Posted: by Jo Monday, 1 October 2018 @ 10:49

Pegasus NecklaceThis mantra, ‘Let my imagination soar, and my ideas flow’, encourages the wearer to be creative and imaginative, thinking up new ideas and opening their mind to new possibilities.

At Mantra, we think it is really important to encourage creativity and creative thinking. Creative thinkers, from Einstein to Steve Jobs, change the world, coming up with completely new ideas – and the world needs all the creative thinkers it can get.

We are all imaginative and full of ideas when we are children, but life can have a tendency to knock this out of us as we grow older. So – we really wanted a mantra that celebrates the value of creativity, and acts as a call for inspiration for someone needing ideas or solutions.

We chose Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, to represent this mantra.

Pegasus was raised by the Muses, and lived on Mount Olympus all his life. When he struck the side of the mountain in his excitement, the marks caused springs to turn into flowing fountains of inspiration. Pegasus has therefore always been an inspiration for artists of all types, and for people who dream of reaching the heights of their own imagination.

Once we had settled on Pegasus, we designed the necklace to have him in full flight, his wings soaring upwards and his legs galloping through the sky.

Choose this necklace as the perfect gift for someone who is already creative and imaginative, to show them how much you value their talents; or as an inspiring purchase for someone setting up a new business, starting out on a creative project, or needing new ideas in their work or life.

Creativity flourishes in space and stillness, so try to leave gaps in your day and in your life, for your imagination to flow.


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