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The 11 Stages of Graduating

Posted: by Pallavi Friday, 15 July 2016 @ 12:24

It is just over a decade since I graduated. I still remember the relief of handing in my dissertation and final assignments, I walked out of my university for the final time and had a mixed feeling of joy and a tinge of heavy heart (for having to miss my friends). It is such a crucial time in your life, full of fabulous memories, with so many exciting twists and turns ahead. Here are our stages of graduation…


1. You hand in all your work, you’re finished!

happiness gold necklace

You’ve been in a sea of books, dissertations and stress for nearly a year, sit back and take this in, you’ve done it, you can’t affect your grades now, so take some you time. No more studying, do more of what makes you happy!


2. You get your grades

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Congratulations, you’ve got your grades, all of that hard work paid off!


3. You graduate!

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Graduation cap ‘now go set the world on fire’. It’s the big day, at least three years of work is being rewarded here. Enjoy time with your friends, revel in the pride of your family and take a moment to congratulate yourself, you deserve it!


4. You leave your besties for now

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It’s the end of an era. You’re uni house is disbanding, it will be hard to say goodbye but mark the occasion, no one will know you like your university friends, you’ve been through everything together – but don’t worry, this bond is unbreakable.


5. You’re back living with your folks for the interim

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Suddenly you have someone telling you that it’s not acceptable to stay in bed until midday, that you need to wash your clothes, that you can’t have a takeaway more than once in a week (let alone day) - yes, it’s time to get moving!


6. You choose your new home town

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It’s the big decision, are you taking root where you grew up, are you going to stay in your university city, move closer to friends or your boyfriend or do you have a new town in your sights?


7. You get a job

be fabulous necklace

All that hard work has paid off, welcome to the world of employment. You’ll have to get used to getting up early, and you'll approach your first day like the first day of ‘big’ school! Don’t worry, you’ll be fabulous!


8. You have a salary!

life is beautiful necklace

What?! Every month, someone puts money in my account and it’s not from the student loan company or the bank of mum and dad? Congratulations, you literally earnt it!


9. You get paid to go on your first holiday

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I remember my first holiday after getting my first job, that first Monday morning when I realised I wasn’t in an office and I was getting paid to be on the beach was amazing, lap it up.


10. You treat yourself

initial necklace silver

All of a sudden you have a disposable income, and a little payday treat is completely justified. To me, from me!


11. You realise you’re an 'adult'

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'That moment when you’re looking around for an adult, then you realise you’re an adult, so you look around for an adultier adult.’ Welcome to adulthood!

Congratulations on completing your degree, now go out and set the world on fire x


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