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TRAVEL: Plan to make no plans

Posted: by Jo Monday, 23 May 2016 @ 10:59

A rare feeling of complete freedom and total joy comes from a week's holiday with no plans, nothing organised, nothing expected. Just sunshine, tranquillity, and the time and space to get your mind back.

I have just come back from a week in Ibiza - an island I knew little about, except a vague impression that it would be beautiful, chilled and relaxed. A week after running my first marathon, a gorgeous villa with its own pool in the hills overlooking Santa Eulalia looked ideal.

And ideal it was. As I knew nothing about Ibiza, there was no pressure to do anything. No must-see sights to visit, no must-do activities to book, no tick-box tourist attractions. I deliberately didn't research it, didn't ask advice of what to do, didn't make any plans.

I just enjoyed the beautiful views of the pine forests and the sea. The lazy days by the pool. I had plenty of time to read - inspiring books to open my mind - and listen to music. We had delicious meals in tucked-away villages that we discovered on our drive around the island; lunches overlooking captivating bays; white Rioja in the warm sunshine by the sparkling pool, red Rioja in the cool evenings.

 Chill out zone in ibiza villa

Ibiza villa with pool 

 Ibizan beach, meditate

There is something truly restorative about a holiday with no pre-booked plans, and no sense of obligation to do anything specific while there.

Ibiza feel good beach club   Ibiza Amante Beach Club Boho shopping in Ibiza 

Try a holiday without making any plans; with no to-do list. For me, the best places I discovered were these, but I'm sure you'll find your own:

  • My favourite place to spend an afternoon – a late lunch at Amante Beach Club. Heaven on earth, with food to match – even gorgeous on a dull day. Note to self - looks like a shack from the outside.
  • A great place to people-watch all the beautiful people – Bambuddha. Great Thai fusion food, in a lovely environment. Note to self - also looks like a shack from the outside!
  • Sipping cava overlooking a stunning view - drive up North to the Hacienda Hotel at Na Xamena. It's an expensive drink - but the view made it worth it.
  • My favourite place to stay - I can't possibly reveal it, as the villa is already re-booked year after year by almost everyone that stays there. My secret! But I'd recommend Owners Direct to find your own (https://www.ownersdirect.co.uk).


Been on holiday recently with no plans and no expectations? We'd love to hear your stories!

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