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New Collaboration with Love Coach Persia Lawson

Posted: by Jo Monday, 29 April 2019 @ 10:54

Persia Lawson Heart Necklace Story Board      Persia Lawson Surrender Necklace Story Board

This month sees the launch of our collaboration with author, speaker and love coach, Persia Lawson, on two new Mantra pieces.

Persia Lawson is ‘one of the UK’s most successful love coaches’ – according to The Saturday Times magazine. Having once been a serial cheater and obsessive love addict, Persia is now proud to be in a happy and committed relationship, and is passionate about helping women get and sustain healthy, soulful, lasting relationships in the chaos of the modern dating world.

Trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, Persia has supported thousands of women - including some well-known celebrities - in completely transforming all aspects of their lives, gaining her the description of ‘irreverent British guru’ by Marie Claire magazine. Her work has featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph, You magazine, The Sunday Times and The Evening Standard, among others, and she is a regular speaker at wellbeing events. 

We first met Persia at the inspiring ‘Self Love Summit’, organised and hosted by Mel Wells, last Summer. She was one of the speakers, and gave such a funny, insightful, honest and down-to-earth talk, that we fell in love with her.

We had already collaborated with leading yoga instructor and nutritionist, Julie Montagu, and with Mel herself. So, we felt that a collaboration with Persia would be perfect, as her compelling message would resonate with our followers, as well as hers.

To me, wearing a Mantra necklace is a little bit like having your own personal life coach with you, all the time. It gives you a tangible reminder through the day of an important piece of wisdom or life advice. Persia has two powerful mantras, which we believe our jewellery can really bring to life.

The first message, ‘Surrender to the festival of life’, reminds us that, by doing the things we love and by surrendering to the magical joy of life - instead of trying to control everything – life will find a way to bring us what we need. This mantra comes to life with the powerful word, ‘Surrender’, simply engraved on one of our disc necklaces, accompanied by our iconic Lotus symbol.

The second is ‘Look inside yourself. Be your own soulmate’, which reminds us of Persia’s core belief that, in order to find real love in the superficial world we’re living in, we need to stop looking outside ourselves for the partner we want to get, and start looking inside ourselves for the partner we want to be.

This mantra is represented by a Sterling Silver necklace of two interlocking geometrical hearts, which is a symbol Persia wears as a tattoo.

 Persia is just as excited as us about our new pieces! 

“I genuinely could not feel more honoured or excited to be collaborating with the amazing Mantra Jewellery, bringing to life via two gorgeous pieces mantras and ideas that have not only transformed my mindset and my life, but actually led to me meeting my soulmate and partner of nearly 4 years, Joe. 


I think the whole concept of Mantra Jewellery is genius, and I cannot wait to see the pieces being worn by my beautiful followers - I know they’re going to absolutely LOVE them!”

Both Persia's necklaces are now available - treat yourself to one or buy them both as set and save 10%. 

Follow Persia: @persialawson | Read more about Persia’s work here: www.persialawson.com

As seen on Persia Lawson:

Persia Lawson wearing both Necklaces  Persia Lawson wearing her Mantra Surrender Necklace  Persia Lawson wearing Surrender Necklace with Mel Wells Goddess Necklace

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