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New Collaboration with Mel Wells

We love collaborating with like-minded people to create exciting new pieces that we know our customers are going to love. And we’re very excited to be working with a truly motivational lady – Mel Wells.

Mel is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and health and eating psychology coach. She helps women transform their relationship with food and themselves, to become the best version of themselves possible. 

Mel dedicates her time to helping women worldwide ditch the dieting for good, make peace with food, and love themselves. She coaches women via her books, her online academy, and luxury Goddess Retreats all over the world. 

Mel’s first book, ‘The Goddess Revolution’, helped women all over the world readdress their relationship with food, and with themselves. After healing her own battles with eating disorders and using this as a catalyst to completely change the course of her life, Mel’s book helped thousands of women to do the same, and then go on to create truly fulfilling, enriched lives, falling in love with themselves more than they thought possible.

Mel’s new book, ‘Hungry for More’, launches in July, and is a call to those who want to go deeper into those hidden messages around food and cravings, and in doing so, unlock a gateway to limitless personal and spiritual growth. 

The first necklace Mel has created for us is the goddess symbol – a triple moon, shown waxing, full and waning – on a Sterling Silver disc, with the empowering mantra, ‘You are a goddess. You are worthy of great love’. Mel has this symbol as a tattoo, and it is a very powerful and personal message for her. 

Her second necklace uses the ‘Flower of Life’ design, an ancient pattern that symbolises the connections that run through all beings. The design represents the creation of the universe, and is a good metaphor for the power of creation.

Mel has chosen the mantra, I create my own reality, to go with this design, as she wanted a mantra to empower women to feel more in control of their lives.

Collaboration with Mell Wells - Goddess NecklaceCollaboration with Mell Wells - Flower of Life NecklaceMel Well wearing Mantra Necklaces at her Book launch party

Wearing a piece of our jewellery is intended as a way of reminding ourselves of an important message - some words of wisdom to bring to mind, when busy or stressed. Mel’s mantras both work as prompts to remind us to change our outlook.

Take hold of your necklace from time to time through the day, and repeat the mantra - to prompt you to treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve; and to remind you that you have more power than you might think.

Mel’s designs launch here on July 30th but you can pre-order them now to be one of the first to own them!


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