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Mantras for Calm and Positivity

Posted: Tuesday, 17 March 2020 @ 14:10

Keeping calm and positive isn't always easy, especially when many of us are glued to news feeds and social media updates, getting a steady drip-feed of bad news.

How can a mantra keep you calm?

As a brand, Mantra is committed to being positive and uplifting, and we want to be a welcome and inspiring guest in your inbox or on your social feed, as an antidote to all the panic and fear that is around.

It is true that we cannot change the things that happen to us – we can only change how we react and respond to them. So, reacting in a balanced, calm and positive way to events unfolding around the world is something that is completely within our control. If we can keep ourselves calm and positive, then we have a better chance of reassuring our children, our co-workers, our parents and our friends.

Sometimes, there are practical things we can do, but often, it is our mindset and our mood that will have the biggest impact.

Most challenges in life are worse because of how we think about them, and how much we worry about them – not because of the challenge itself.

So, let’s take action where we can; but let’s also look out for, and share, positive stories and good news, to help combat the waves of anxiety.

And here are my favourite mantras to keep calm in difficult situations:


I feel calm, safe and grounded 

An affirmation that may not be strictly true in the moment that you say it, but whose repetition will help you develop that feeling of calmness. Breathe deeply, plant your feet firmly on the ground, and say these words.


Today, I will breathe deeper. Exhale slower. Find the stillness within me

Another great calming mantra, to remind you to slow down your breathing, as that in itself will bring calm. Find that still, quiet part of yourself that is hidden deep inside, unaffected by the panic around you.


You’re strong. You’re capable. You got this!

You have survived many difficult days and challenging times in your life, as have the people around you. You have an inner resilience and inner strength that you can call upon to get you through these days also.


Diamonds are made under pressure

A good reminder that some of the most beautiful things on earth are produced by being subjected to huge pressure. Pressure and difficulty are not always destructive powers. They can be transformative in positive ways too. It is hard to see a time beyond the waves of bad news in the world – but know that some good will come out of it, in time.


What do I need right now, to flourish?

This mantra of self-care might seem selfish but, as with the advice to fit your own oxygen mask first, it is important to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others. Can you take this opportunity to get more sleep? Buy more fresh food, or cook different recipes? Exercise more at home? Phone your friends and family more? What are the things you can do to take care of yourself, to enable you to be at your best?


In my words, thoughts and actions, I choose kindness

This is a positive and proactive mantra to remind us all that we can use these difficult times to help others, and look out for people who need our support. Let’s all choose to be kind and considerate, not selfish and self-centred.


We are still in difficult and anxious times, but keeping ourselves calm is one of the best things we can do. Try to remain as positive as you can, so you can be a beacon of hope to others; and look for practical ways of helping people, so you feel better in yourself.   

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