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Mantras for the unsung heroes of Christmas

Posted: Wednesday, 23 November 2016 @ 10:06

Do you remember when you’d leave a gift for the postman, you’d make your teacher a monstrosity of a Christmas cake and there’d be a card on the front step for the milkman? Christmas is a time to say thank you and to show appreciation for people who work hard to make our lives easier. Here are our top gifts for the modern day un-sung heroes of Christmas…

gifts for teacher   

The teacher or classroom assistant

Teachers, nursery staff or classroom assistants are often thanked at the end of term, but they've been instilling the magic of Christmas in your little ones for the past month, that's worth a thank you!

The nurse or carer

It's a hard job and they're just as invested in your family member or friends wellbeing as you are, it's quite likely they'll be working lots of hours often right through Christmas day. Let them know their sacrifice hasn't gone unnoticed.

 thank you jewellery gift  

Your favourite retail assistant

Working in retail at Christmas can be really fun but also really really hard. Often retail staff get just one day off and then it's back on Boxing day for sales/returns and complaints. They know the perfect presents for you and your family, and they make your shopping experience easier.

The postman/ post room or UPS driver

If you work in ecommerce you'll know just how busy it gets at this time of year, or if you're in a magazine then you'll see the post room rushed off their feet. They're also usually the team that get the blame if something isn't accounted for - say thank you for getting your parcels in time or for your loved ones receiving theirs.

 Flower necklace silver  

Your favourite waiter, bar person or barista

They know just how you like your coffee, they recognise you every time you're in and care how your day has gone. They'll know just what you'd love on the menu. It's an art, one that rarely goes openly appreciated.

The apprentice

Not only are they on a massive learning curve but they are willing and eager to help in any way. They're paving their future on little money - say thank you and well done for making your festive season a lot more bareable!

 thank you necklace  

The neighbour

Maybe they pop round to check on your parents, perhaps they've helped you out with the kids in an emergency, maybe they turned the music down the first time you asked! If you have a magical neighbour then let them know how lucky you are to be living next door to them.

The yoga teacher

My yoga teacher doesn't collect money for her class but rather puts an honesty box in the corner, because she wants everyone to be able to benefit from the class regardless of income. I think that's a Christmas Samaritan right there!




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