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Mantras for Self-Care

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 31 December 2019 @ 15:57

In our normal, busy world, we’re all rushing from one thing to the next and constantly making plans for the future. Now that some of us have a little more time, self-care can be an important ritual, as it can help keep our spirits up and restore some peace of mind. 

Whatever helps you relax, be it a long bath, curling up with a book, or spending time outside in your garden, be sure to find time for it in these strange times. Being outside is one of the quickest ways to feel restored, as you listen out for birdsong, feel the sun on your face, and are a little closer to nature. Taking some time to care for yourself will leave you refreshed and restored, and much more able to look after those around you

We’ve put together our favourite self-care and wellbeing mantras, to inspire you to look after yourself in these challenging times….


Be still, be present, be mindful

Designed as an aid for mindfulness, this mantra reminds you to take a moment in your life to just 'be'. Breathe in, stay present, relax your mind, and notice what is around you. Taking time out to simply 'be' is a good way to kick start your wellness routine.

mindful mantra


Stay true to what inspires you

This mantra celebrates inspiration – that wonderful feeling we get when we feel happy, positive, motivated and in flow. Some of us have time on our hands right now - so use this mantra to remind you to remember your dreams and pursue them when you next can; or to strengthen your determination to live an inspired life. 

inspiration mantra


Seek the sweet moments in every day

This mantra acts as a reminder to take a moment from what you’re preoccupied with, and look out for the beautiful things that surround you. To be aware of the present moment, rather than being so busy with worries of the future, or regrets about the past; and to look for the good in life, not the bad. Even in these difficult times, there are sweet and joyful moments. A wonderful mantra to encourage us to notice the good around us. 

appreciation mantra


Do more of what makes you happy

A simple, yet powerful mantra – “Do more of what makes you happy”. Use this time to think deeply about what makes you happy, so that you really know where your priorities lie and where your true joy comes from. The time will come when you can go back out in the world and do these things - so make sure you truly know what it is that makes you happiest. 

happiness mantra


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