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Mantras for 2023

Posted: by Sinade Tuesday, 13 December 2022 @ 12:11

Following the aftermath of Covid we were hopeful that 2022 would be a more positive year. Although the world opened back up and we were able to get back to doing the things we love, other pressures took their toll. Events close to home, and around the world brought new challenges meaning 2022 may not have allowed all of us to move forwards in the ways we’d planned.

Here are our mantras to kick 2023 off, with a positive attitude and to carry us through the new year open to all its possibilities...

Everything I need is already within me
Everything I need Necklace

Following a few years of setbacks, it is easy for our self-belief to waiver. Know that you have all the qualities you need within you to achieve your goals. Use this mantra to find the belief and the confidence you need to get you back on track.


I celebrate the woman I am
Sacral Chakra Mantra

Looking back, it is so easy to forget to celebrate our achievements and qualities. Use this mantra to reflect regularly on all that you are and all that you’re becoming as you move through the new year.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
Compass Mantra

This mantra has been so popular throughout the last part of 2022, we had to include it in our list. It is the mantra for our Compass Necklace. Just as a compass leads you to discover new possibilities and then safely guides you home, use this mantra to steer you towards the life you want to live.


In the waves of change, I find my new direction
Wave Mantra

This mantra has inspired so many of you this year, as it really highlights that change can lead to new paths, and new opportunities. Use it in 2023 as a reminder to believe in a brighter future.


Take one day at a time
One day at a time mantra

When life feels hard, or we have been dealt a tough hand to cope with, we all need a message of hope to keep us going. Use this mantra when you need it to focus on the here and now, and not look in to far toward the future.


I speak with kindness, I listen with compassion
Throat Chakra Mantra

The news has been filled with the suffering taking place around the world due to war and political unrest. Closer to home we’ve seen the problems that rising energy prices are causing for so many families. We never truly know what is going on in other people’s lives. Use this mantra as a reminder to show compassion to those around you, something as little as a kind word can go a long way.

Every year brings its own challenges and uncertainty. If we can head into the new year open to its possibilities and confident of our own abilities, then we will be empowered to handle what it has to offer.

Sinade xx

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