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Mantras for the new decade

Posted: Friday, 27 December 2019 @ 14:15

Let's all start this new decade in a more mindful frame of mind. We’ve put together our favourite mantras to help us all live this this new decade in a calm, positive and confident way. Happy New Decade!


‘Everything I need is already within me’

This mantra is all about self-belief and self-confidence. It is a powerful reminder that we all have the qualities within us to be what we want in life.

It asks us to tune into ourselves, and look deep within – because that is where we will find the belief and the confidence to take us forwards in life. We don’t need to look externally for validation or approval – we can find that in ourselves. Strength, courage, trust – these can come from within. Peace of mind, calm, contentment – these are within our own grasp.

‘I let go of fear. I let go of worry. I let go of doubt.

We love this reassuring mantra to remind you to stop letting fear and worry get in the way of living your life. Let Go is a great mantra for anyone who can feel anxious, or tends to catastrophise, or anyone who lets negative thoughts overwhelm them. Use this mantra gentle reminder to let go of negative and unhelpful thoughts and focus on the positive as you start the new decade.

letting go mantra


‘I am enough’

We all have days when we feel we simply aren’t enough. We’re not thin enough, rich enough, good enough, lucky enough, talented enough...whatever enough... to succeed in life. It’s on days like this that we need a powerful reminder - yes, we are. We have everything we need inside us. Even if we don’t have the exact skills or experience we need today - we have the ability to learn, to grow, to develop. Everything we need - we have. We are enough. 

'I am enough' is also a great mantra to stop us from comparing ourselves to others, or for envying what others have. Our most powerful relationship in life is with ourselves – so use this mantra to remind yourself how much you value yourself.

i am enough mantra


‘All things are possible if you believe’

Whether you’re facing exams, taking on a marathon, applying for university or setting up a business, this mantra encourages you to know that you can achieve anything you wish. Whatever challenges lie ahead of you in the new decade, remember to believe in yourself and trust that all things are possible.

self  belief mantra


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